Perfil: Luiz Antonio Soares.

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Luiz Antonio Soares - Translator

 | Porto Alegre - Brasil |






Obtain a challenging position as a home Office translator in a dynamic and innovative organization, where I can use my technical skills using Artificial Intelligence.

Skills & abilities


Audio and video editing, translation from English to Portuguese and Spanish. And other languages ​​using A.I. Text writing following ABNT/Brazil standards.



Service provider.

August 1994 - November 2014.

Experience in customer service in IT. Consultancy, Classes and Technical Assistance for Doctors, Nurses, Architects, Lawyers, Housewives, Engineers, Teachers, Agronomists, Prosecutors, Judges, Students. Classes in Microsoft, Word, Excel, PowerPoint applications and assistance in the use of specific applications and equipment of the professionals in question. Technical Assistance and Installation of Windows Operating System.

Translation of IT documents, English USA x PT Br.

Currently working on my Website Management:




Diploma in Pedagogy - August/2009.

Having participated in several IT technical training from 1994 to 2019. ADOBE, INTEL, AMD, GOOGLE, DELL, Loca Web, Microsoft, HP.



Ease of communication, writing and open to learning.

Volunteer work


I worked as the Assistant Nurse of the Medium Dr. Ricardo.

At home I work with gardening and taking care of my cats and dogs. I love animals and Nature.






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